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This is where I share knowledge, work, investigation, innovation, collection, culture, archivent, learning process of color, materials, forms and production, etc... 

Enjoy it!

PORTFOLIO - Industrial Design 

Download my portfolio in PDF and check out all my work!


Creation and inspiration comes from leaving daily routine. Download and get a sweet escape.

BLOSSOM - Diploma

My diploma project was all about my passion for perfumes, this is who I decided to work on! 

See and understand, on my research book, my development and choices I made in materials, colors, sent and forms (etc...)

"This project’s essence derives from a bouquet of scents. A match between the bottle’s aesthetic and the technical specifications of a material.

Having a passion for olfactory sensations, I have decided to create a home fragrance diffuser that is adjustable according to the desired intensity. The absorption characteristic of paper enables the dye and perfume’s diffusion. Following to my sensitivity, I worked on fragrances and linked these to colors.

The folding allows the transformation of the object and the cuts perform as a stop for the pigment."


I devote my thesis for objects that seemed to me interesting and intriguing. I love traveling and exploring different cultures, histories and different lifestyles, and am naturally interested in objects used in regions or countries I visit. I therefore wish to present here a historiographical and geographical analysis of objects and tools that I have collected in my trips.

The tools are often topics of discussion and sometimes unknown to the public: locally created, they become very used or, conversely, are forgotten. Many objects are rare and very intriguing. Where do they come from ? What are they really serving? Are they always used or are they forgotten? The origin of these objects it is old or fake?

The objects we use today have sometimes been invented by other cultures or other places on the planet. Often not knowing the first use of these items, we are suitable for sometimes very different uses of the function for which they were originally created. 

In order to present these objects in a dynamic way, I propose explanatory videos.

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